Sunday, 31 July 2016

Blueberry Picking Time - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I hope you are all out enjoying your beautiful weather, or hiding from the oppressive heat, or cowering from the flash floods, or whatever you are doing, but having fun or somethings... and stuffs.

We all went out for our ceremonial Blueberry picking festivities!!!

We ran, but the Musher rode her trusty fat bike... erm, that seems a bit harsh... her full-figured bike!

Twig:  Is this it?  I don't see any blueberries, are blueberries a vegible?

Because blueberries are tasty, tasty to bears, we go along to alert the musher if any bears come along.

Twig:  BEAR!!!!!
Bet:  No Twig, not THAT Bear, real bears

Twig: There's no need to yell at me, you just said "bear", and that's BEAR!

Zac: This is kinda nice... when do we herd the blueberries?

Bet: You don't herd blueberries, you just lay in the blueberries and keep an eye out for bears

Zac: There's one right there!

Bear: Did someone call me?  Is there food?

Twig: See, I told you there was a bear!

Twig:  Oooh, excuse me, must be the broccoolie
Zac: I'm not coming over there, stay downwind

Bet: Is ANYONE keeping an eye out for bears?  

Twig:  Yep, he's right over there

Bear: What?  Do you guys need something?  Did someone bring sandwiches?

Bet: Twig, go guard the bicycle, I'm going to go check on the Musher

Twig: I think I heard something... it might be a Bear!

Twig:  HEYYYY!  Where did everyones go??? I think I heard a bear!!!

Bet: Yes Twig... it's BEAR?! ugh, seriously?

Twig: Hey, what are these blue berry things?  Nom nom, hey, they're pretty tasty!

Twig: Nommy nom euuuw... Bear, when was the last time you had a bath?  Move, you're stinking up the berries!

Bear: That's not very nice, I was up guarding all night, I haven't had time to freshen up

So, the Musher picked some berries, Twig ate so many she's pooing blue, and Zac wasn't exactly thrilled with the whole adventure-less adventure.

I just went home and took a nap because ooosh, that's exhausting work.

- Bet

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