Saturday, 11 March 2000

March 11, 2000 -2

Hello all---

Just picked up Karen's "dropped" dogs this afternoon, Spud and Smiley. They are currently in the backyard bright-eyed and waggy, trying to make friends with the Sheltie.

Northern Air Cargo flew in about 50 dogs this afternoon from McGrath, considered a hub to which dogs are flown in smaller planes, reloaded and flown to Anchorage. The dogs are picked up at the airport, or at the prison in Eagle River by a person designated in a contract signed months ago by their owners.
I saw a lot of energetic dogs there. Both these guys didn't go further in the race because they had sore shoulders. You couldn't tell it this afternoon as they tried to pull me across the parking lot. They look GREAT!

I also got to see Blake Freking's returned sled, the one that hit a stump on the trail and exploded releasing the 14 dog team he was driving. If you haven't checked out the website lately, give it a "look and see" The journal is being updated whenever we hear from Blake.

Blake also dropped 2 dogs. I saw them both at Howling Dog Farm yesterday. Poorga is a little stiff. Freckles was hard to pick out from the other dogs that wanted to go for an afternoon run.

Later, Jamie

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