Saturday, 11 March 2000

March 11, 2000


Let me start out by making a correction, a few postings ago I said that Smiley made the big team and then said that he was left behind. Well Smiley is on the big team, it was Sunny that was left behind.
Speaking of Smiley, Spud and him are on their way home. Karen dropped both of them because of sore shoulders. This is the first time that Spud has ever been dropped from a race. The dogs get quite the ride, they're flown to McGrath where they then catch the big plane to Anchorage, once there, if their pick up person isn't waiting for them, they are taking to a near by prison were inmates that have had special training are given the privilege of taking care of them. Jamie West-Banks our friend in Anchorage was waiting for Spud & Smiley when they got off the plane, and tomorrow she will deliver them to our home in Willow. (Read Jamie's post)

The reason why you have been waiting for this post is because I went out to Takotna to pay Karen a surprise visit. I got a ride on a very little plane that landed on the very big river at the Takotna check point. I took a big chance, because with the updates being so slow, I wasn't sure if she would be there our not. She was. We were able to spend about an hour together, she looked good and was very upbeat and happy. She said that all the dogs were strong, healthy, & happy. I had a cheese burger while Karen and several other mushers ate steak a crab legs. The only thing that I can remember right now is that she has had Grover in lead the entire way, and before he goes to sleep at any of the check points he has to have a belly rub. Any way I told her that she's making us all very proud and to keep up the good work.

Today I booked my ticket for Nome.

That's all for now. Stay tuned.


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