Wednesday, 8 March 2000

March 8, 2000


Good news, Karen made the front page of the Anchorage Daily News newspaper.
Bad news is it was because she broke her sled. 

Good news, she got her second sled this morning and is on her way to Rhon.
Bad news, she stayed in Rainy pass for over 26 hours. 

Good news, the dogs are all in great shape.
Bad news, They're feeling so good that Butchie bred Sissy. 

All and all it was a learning experience. The rules say that if you feel that you are going to use a second sled that it must be sent out on the trail before the start of the race. What we assumed is that when we needed the second sled, all we would have to do is ask for it and it would be delivered. We were wrong. We are 100% responsible for moving the sled. This means that we have to find a plane with skis, that can haul a sled and hasn't been booked already. At 9:30 last night I finally had confirmation that Karen's sled was slightly disassembled and sitting in the plane that Karen Adam (wife of musher Ross Adam) had chartered to follow the race, and would be leaving at first light. Now Karen could get a good nights sleep.
Anyway she is off her race plan for now, but in a few days when everyone else has taken there 24 hour layover, everything will be back to normal. 

We just had a little earthquake here, the house shook a bit. Is there anything else that we'll have to deal with? 

That's all for now. Stay tuned.

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