Monday, 19 March 2001

March 19, 2001

Karen has left Safety, the final checkpoint before Nome at 5:57AM AST (9:57 EST).

It is 22 miles from Safety to Nome.  Karen has been traveling at about 4-5mph...

If you are lucky, you may be able to catch her arrival on the Live Nome Webcam. If anyone happens to be lucky & techie enough to catch her arrival, please take several screen captures and send them on to me!!

For those having trouble with the auto refresh thing, you could just point to the image file Hit refresh (F5 for Internet Explorer Users) or reload (Netscape) when it is convenient or as needed. (I hope we don't crash the server!!!)

Today the Last Great Team carrying the bright red lantern in the Last Great Race is being driven by Karen Ramstead and her 15 Siberian huskies. There are thousands of her friends, fans, and fellows on the Sibernet chat lines right now, flipping back and forth watching the Nomecam. If there are hit counts on that cam, I am sure it will verify my statement. They are from Canada, US, Australia, South Africa, UK, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Isreal, India, China and too many more to list.

We do hope the media will give Karen and her team of Siberian husky show dogs the attention and adulation they deserve. She has left Safety. That's 15 beautiful registered dogs in that team. Remember, as in Leonard Seppala's team...

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