Wednesday, 7 March 2001

March 7, 2001


You guys are about to learn the first lesson in “Handling for Karen 101”...

I haven’t heard from her yet, but she still has 16 dogs and she’s following her schedule down to the minute.  I was planning on visiting her in Takotna but there is a storm in the area keeping most of the small planes on the ground. We are getting dumped on here in Knik right now.

I forgot to mention in the last posting that several of Karen’s dogs were drug tested before the restart on Sunday, maybe Iditarod is worried about the Red Lantern award this year.

It’s a little early to be watching now but there is an online video at the Iditarod checkpoint.  You can see what's happening there and maybe even see Karen check in.  She should be in Iditarod sometime early Friday afternoon Alaska Standard Time.

My trip to Seward was fun, the Sea Life Center was very interesting, it’s a research center that lets you view there animal.  It was started after the Exxon spill.  The drive was very pretty, all four hours each way of it, and very diverse.  We drove through rain most of the way, but when we went over one pass the snow on the shoulders was at least 15 feet deep.

Maybe next time when I write I’ll have talked to Karen and have more to say.   


(Karen's husband)

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