Wednesday, 7 March 2001

March 7, 2001 - again

It’s me again:

I no sooner plugged the phone back in when Karen called from Nikolai.  She made it across the Farwell Burn (click to see trail) and she said that there was no snow at all, which is bad enough when you’re on a good sled, but Karen wasn’t that lucky.  Yes she said that thanks to a combination of Sissy in lead, the Happy River steps, and a USA Today camera crew she managed to wreck another sled.  Once Sissy saw the camera crew she stopped and Karen lost all momentum and rolled her sled a few times, I’m sure that we’ll see this on a video in our near future.   Anyway she says that she can nurse it to McGrath where she has a sled that’s good as new waiting for her.

Karen said that because of the extra time needed to cross the Burn she will rest for couple more hours in Nikolai.  She sounded tired but upbeat and says that her new Northern Outfitters jacket looks worse than her old one.


(Karen's husband)

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