Monday, 7 March 2005

March 7, 2005 Fly-Over View

Just to let you know, I was SO lucky to be able to fly over Karen on the trail yesterday. She was traveling down the Little Susitina to the Yenta River. Karen had arranged for myself, Jeanne Stinchcomb and Karen's sister-in-law, Melissa to fly with Doug Grillot. Doug, you may remember, traveled the trail last year with Karen. He is an Iditarod finisher as well as an excellent pilot and just a really nice guy.

Karen and the beautiful sled dogs looked really good traveling down the river. We circled them several times. She even waved to us a one point. It was just an awesome sight. So amazing that they can travel in this vast countryside of Alaska. The views were spectacular. And of course there were spectators at various spots cheering the teams on down the river. It's a party on the Iditarod trail for many miles.

Morna...I had tears in my eyes for you as I gave Karen a last hug before I ran down to get video of the team coming into the chute. I heard so many cheers about the pretty dogs and there's a team!! What a happy moment.

Go trails and happy huskies all the way to Nome.

Donna Q
NorthWapiti Yahoo Group Member

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