Wednesday, 9 March 2005

March 9, 2005 Sixteen & Hot

I just got off the phone with Karen, she was on her way out the door to leave Nikolai. She said that it’s tough sledding out there and it was HOT HOT HOT!!. Its so hot that when she’s crossing lakes she stops the team in ankle deep water so the can have a drink. She’s been adjusting her race plan on the fly, hoping that she can make some time back if it cools off later in the race.

The dogs look good and all 16 are expected to make it to Takotna were she will be taking her 24 hour break (which is actually around 25 hours and 25 minutes this year).

Karen’s original plan was to blow through McGrath on her way to Takotna, but it seems that the Happy River steps decided to make a few trail modifications to her sled, so she will be making a quick pit stop in McGrath to change over to her second sled. She will need to stop, change the sled and leave before the dogs decide that McGrath is a good place for a nap. I hope that she’s been paying attention to Jeff Gordon’s pit crew while I’ve been watching NASCAR.

If you go to “Race Updates” on the Iditarod page and select “Favorite Musher” instead of “Current Standings”, you while see a more detailed listing of Karen’s run.

Today I’m taking the truck into Wasilla to wash it and get the oil changed. I’ve been spending some of my time packing up stuff and getting organized for our trip home. AH the thrill-a-minute life of an Iditarod Handler.


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