Monday, 1 August 2005

August 1, 2005 Princess Kara Delivers

I know I would be in deep trouble with many if I didn't keep everyone up to date on Kara.

Well, in typical Princess fashion, Kara threw a temper tantrum all night last night, keeping Mark awake and on edge. He reported she whined and cried constantly to the point that he hauled her off to the vet this morning. The vet checked her over and did an ultrasound to make sure the puppies were in no distress - they weren't, but Kara's ultimate goal was achieved - I came home from the dog show I was at in Calgary early.

Big apologies to Dawne Deeley - I know she would have liked her sleep, but she was very gracious when my phone rang in her motor home at 5:30am and then I started frantically gathering dogs and gear so I could head home. Thanks goodness she is a true dog person, as well as a good friend and thus completely understood.

Kara didn't seem particularly happy to see me - I figure 'cause she was annoyed I had the gall to leave in the first place, but there was none of the previous nights antics once I got home.

At 6:30, right after a tired Mark dragged his butt out the door to go work a night shift, Kara, with very little fuss and no theatrics welcomed a lovely, tiny version of herself to the world.

I will keep you all posted, as time - and Kara - permits throughout the night.

Big strapping piebald boy at 7:10
8pm - black and white male marked like Dad
8:10 - black and white female
8:45 - another black and white male!
9:05 - black and white female
Sadly puppy 7, a black and white girl was still born

It's been a busy weekend, Wednesday night I was up most of the night with Nahanni and her litter. Thursday I drove to Calgary in time to pick up an US arrival (more on that later) at the airport at 9pm. By the time I was finished with customs and got down at the show grounds, it was well passed 11pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were typical dog show nights - alittle too much wine and not enough sleep. Then the rushed trip home for Kara ... by 1:30am last night I was the walking dead. Kara was settled, so I crawled into bed, but set my alarm for every 1 1/2 hours. Religiously throughout the night I got up and checked on her and everyone was settled and nursing nicely.

At 5:30 I put a leash on her and dragged her outside. I felt her belly and figured we were now done - although when I went to bed last night, I really thought she might of had one more in there. I found a box for the babies, lined it with a blanket and began moving them into it so I could change their bedding. The big piebald boy was first, then the other pie....wait...the OTHER pie?? I shook my head and began to count 1...2...3...4...5...6..........7

So somewhere during the night she snuck in another one - a sweet black and white piebald female.   :)
Mom and babes are doing fine - although Kara is going to have to figure out that curling up around her babies doesn't work as well with 7 babies as it did with her previous litter of two. The milk bar needs to stretch out to accommodate this hungry mob!


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