Sunday, 7 August 2005

August 7, 2005 Charmed, I'm Sure

With all the hubbub and excitement surrounding the arrival of Nahanni and Kara's pups it would easy to almost overlook the arrival of another adult dog to our pack. Almost....

It was just over a week ago that Charm (Sibersong's Charmed, I'm Sure) arrived at the airport in Calgary all the way from North Carolina. The path that has brought her to us has been a rather winding one and things may seem alittle confusing, so bear with me for a moment as I give everyone a brief NorthWapiti kennels history lesson. A number of years ago I sold NorthWapiti's Lyra to Kim and Kelly Berg of Kelim Siberians in New Hampshire. Lyra had some puppies for the Bergs and then was leased to their good friend, Jaye Foucher of Sibersong Siberians for a litter. Smiley was down visiting the Bergs for the summer and was the sire of Lyra's litter for Jaye - so although it was an all NorthWapiti litter, it was not one that had anything to do with Mark and I.

One of the puppies, Charm, was went to Joni Barnhart of Khovaki Siberian in North Carolina.
Okay, with me still???

Now fast forward to this summer. For a few different reasons, Joni had decided to send Charm back to Jaye. Jaye is expecting a new litter this summer and has some other changes happening in her life, so she was probably going to place her. Kim and Kelly thought I might be interested in her, as I really loved the 'Constellation' litter (Orion, Draco, Lyra and Cassie) and haven't been really successful in getting alot of offspring off them. I liked the few picture I had seen of Charm, but bringing an adult dog into the kennel, especially one with no serious sledding exposure is always a risk - then I saw one of her in full stride playing with Joni's other dogs - I was sold. I worked out a deal with Jaye and Charm hopped on a plane and made the journey to Alberta.

Charm in full stride playing with Joni's other dogs

Charm spent her first weekend here at the Calgary dog show with Dasher and I. She quickly decided Dasher was her best friend in the whole world and threw hissy fits whenever Dasher left the set up area for a walk or to be shown. Dasher looked at her like one of the 'in girls' looks at a geek in high school, but then again, being a Kara daughter and Breezy granddaughter, Dasher has always been alittle stuck up.

When we got home I kennelled her near Dasher. Dasher continued to maintain her stuck up attitude, but I think it was reassuring for Charm.

It's been almost a week now and Charm is settling in very nicely. I'm giving her a little while to start feeling at home before we hook her up - but her body and attitude hold out great promise.

Charmed, we are.

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