Tuesday, 23 August 2005

August 23, 2005 Just How Does He Do It??

A couple years ago Mark bought me a neat little mini 'weather station' for my birthday. It sits next to my bed, but has a remote sensor out in the dog yard, so I know the true temperature outside without even getting out of bed. My ritual at this time of year is such that I roll over and check the outside temperature as soon as I wake up each morning. If it is below 10 C (52 F), I get up and run dogs - above 10 C and I roll over and try to catch a bit more sleep (although I do usually get up anyway and try and catch up on emails before the day really starts).

Now, the truth of matter is - Mark has no problem running dogs when we can do so in the middle of the day - but he just isn't a 'morning guy'. He will get up and run dogs with me in the mornings, but it usually takes the smells of breakfast cooking, coffee brewing and a bit of harassing to get him out of bed.
At this time of year, each night before he goes to bed he prays that the temperature is above 10 C in the morning - and darn it, it is working. So far this month out of the 9 days he has been off only 1 of those days was cool enough to run dogs. In contrast, out of the 14 days he has worked this month - 11 of those were cool enough to run. This morning is the first of his 6 day off stretch and the temperature is 10.1C.
I checked, despite the fact that he has threatened to, he's not moving the remote sensor into the garage or house at night to give a false reading. Either he has some freaky control over the weather or his prayers are being answered. Personally, either way I think he is frittering away his powers for a few extra hours sleep. Maybe I'll make a list for him of ways that I think he can better use those powers - but I'm thinking it is going to take more then breakfast and coffee to get him to pay attention - he does love his sleep.


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