Monday, 30 April 2007

April 30, 2007 The Dasher Dog

No fear, Dasher - or The Dasher Dog, as she is usually called (I have no clue why) is fine, however on Saturday she was rushed to the vet with pyometrea, which is basically an infection of the uterus. We were given a couple of treatment options, however, I was not willing to at all gamble with Dasher's life, so an emergency spay was performed.

Unfortunately that means that there will be no Charge/Dasher babies next month - and no Dasher babies ever.

We are very sad about that, but very happy that Dasher is home and well on the road to recovery.
BTW - Kara is most appalled that Dasher is in the house. I told her that it should be easier to share her doggie beds with her daughter, but she remains simply mortified at having to share anything. Bait, Tic and Tac are all annoyed too, as Dasher doesn't share her Mother's tolerance for small, furry things and the cats have been banned from the house!

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