Friday, 6 April 2007

April 6, 2007 Greetings from Tok

Hey all,
Gwen and I (well, mostly Gwen) packed up the truck late this morning and headed out of Wolverine Lodge. We made a short drive to Tok where we decided to made it an early evening. Handily, the hotel I picked offers free WiFi.

We will be hitting the road early in the morning for Watson Lake. Kara says 2 more sleeps in the dog truck before she can become a house dog again! :)

The dogs are looking great. As I saw the girls mention, the team consisted of Dasher, Spider, Holly, Tesla, Olena, Odie, Batdog, Crunchie, Hector, Herman, Barq and Charge. Despite vowing last year after the Copper Basin that I would never again race bitches in heat on my team - I left Wolverine Lodge with 3 girls in standing season!! What was I thinking???

I wouldn't call the race 'fun' - it was a lot of work to take 12 hormonally charged beasts on a 300 mile journey in the wilderness - but we got it done! And thanks to vigilance, a couple good snow hooks and a lot of luck - there were 'No Unplanned Breedings'!! ! Yes, that does imply a 'planned' one. Charge was bred to Dasher this morning!! It's not often that I breed such 'young' males - the fact that I did shows that I think VERY highly of this boy.

Once we are settled at home, there will be more stories to tell - and I know Gwen has been journaling her adventures too! Talk to you all soon!


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