Wednesday, 12 December 2007

December 12, 2007 Karen & Kathryn Run The Retired & Young Dogs

It's actually blizzarding today - snow, blowing wind and all that goes with it. Hard to say how much snow we are getting, as it is all on the move!

 I had planned to take a big team out with the 4 wheeler this afternoon, but I knew the roads were going to be miserable, so decided staying closer to the house was in order.

Kathryn hadn't had the opportunity to drive a sled yet, so today seemed great for that. I hooked up 5 dogs - 4 yearlings (Wonder, Trigger, Shooter and Nate) and Olena to lead, while Kathryn took Surge, Nik and Kluane. Things didn't go particularly well leaving the yard, but nothing really disastrous!

Then within the first ½ mile I had a bunch of trouble with Olena and ended up grabbing Nik off Kathryn's team and putting him in lead with Ollie. I gave Kathryn Shooter to run next to Klu and left Surge in single lead on her team. That seemed to straighten the issues out and it was smooth sledding for the rest of the run.

When we got back into the yard, I talked Kathryn into taking Camilla, Gus and Draco out on her own. I want her to get comfortable enough with the dogs and the trails to go out when I'm not around.

She had a really good run and even took them for a second smaller loop before giving them a fish and tucking them back into Geriatric Park.

Learning to sled behind 3 multiple Iditarod finishers is definitely the way to go!!!

You can check out pictures of Kathryn's adventure (and a few dog shots) at

I've been cooking up a storm this afternoon preparing Trail Meals. First it was Flautas with shallots, Portobello mushrooms, feta and ricotta cheese - then penne in vodka cream sauce (Kathryn and I each stole a small serving for our dinner. Mark ate earlier in the afternoon, as he is working nights right now).  Think I'm onto Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine next!

Those are the tales for this evening!


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