Sunday, 9 December 2007

December 9, 2007 Upcoming Race Plans

One of the tasks that takes up a lot of our time and thoughts in the late fall/early winter is planning our winter season. That includes surfing the 'net looking for races that might work with the teams training, checking driving distances, finding handlers if Mark is unable to accompany me, reading race rules and actual entering races.

Mark spends a good amount of time banking days and sorting out his time off work to maximize the time he can be on the road with us.

Well, weather and all else permitting, this is what we have planned for the 07/08 Racing season -

January 4 - 6 - Flathead Sled Dog Days - Olney, Montana
2 - 50 mile day

January 10 - 13 - Seeley Lake, Montana
200 mile race

January 25 - Don Bowers Memorial Race - Willow, Alaska
200 mile race - 2 teams

March 1 - Iditarod

Will the exception of Iditarod, all these are new races for me. The dogs and I are really looking forward to seeing some new trail this year!! Always fun!!

The team is shaping up really well right now. We did a fast and furious 31 miles yesterday with 2 teams (I ran 16, Mark 14) that barely even winded the dogs. They were screaming for their dinner and bouncing and bucking as we unharnessed them!

If the weather would cooperate a bit, I'd like to up them to 40 mile runs - as mentally and physically they are really ready for that!

Although, compared to the rest of North America, I don't think I have any right to complain about weather! I'll take snowy and -30 over what Alaska, Montana, the Yukon and other areas are reporting.

I spoke with Jamie Nelson in Minnesota the other day and she is the only one I've heard reporting great trail conditions!

Weird weather!

Anyway, we hope many of you will follow our races this season. As always, we will keep you as up to date as we can!

Happy Trails!


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