Wednesday, 26 December 2007

December 26, 2007 Kara's New Dog Bed

For Christmas I purchased Kara a lovely new dog bed. Now, Kara already has a reasonably new, lovely dog bed, but she likes thebigger, rattier old one, so both have been hanging out in the house for the last year or so. I thought if I got her a nice new, slightly bigger one, she might let me throw out the old one (it doesn't work with Mark and his ratty t-shirts, but I thought Kara might be a little more biddable).

As my friend Lynda can vouch, I didn't take the new Kara bed purchasing decision lightly. I hummed and hawed for a long time before settling on one. Christmas morning came and I, with great fanfare unveiled the new dog bed. I moved the old one out of the way and replaced it with the new one. With some prompting, Kara lay on it for about 10 minutes before moving back to the old stinky bed.

Yesterday I walked in the door to find Bait sleeping on the new dog bed, Tic snoring on the slightly older bed and Kara on the ratty old thing. *sigh*

This morning I had to drive Kathryn to the airport, as she is picking up her hubby and heading to Jasper for a few days vacation. I decided that I was going to fix this dog bed issue once and for all, so I took Kara with me for a trip to PetSmart on the way home.

 Kara was quite intrigued by PetSmart, but like the perfect Siberian she is, trotted happily next to me with only a passing glance at the rows of dog bones. We got to the back of the store and started looking at dog beds. A clerk came over and offered assistance. I mentioned that we were looking for a new dog bed and he led me to the 'Kara sized' models. "Yeah, I bought her one of those and she gave it to the cat" I said. He commented on how generous she was - little did he know that giving it to the cat was simply the most disdainful thing she could think of to do with the bed to show it was not up to her standards.

After much debate, Kara selected one that she felt would work for her. I overlooked the fact that it had a GREAT DANE on the packaging and toted it up to the counter for her. Oh, with a quick side trip to the aisle with the Denta-stick - Kara adores Denta-sticks and her tail was up and wagging as soon as she heard the rattle of the bag coming off the shelf. 

The folks in line ahead of me commented on what a lovely dog she was. She looked down her nose at them and cast a glance at me condemning them for stating the obvious. A gentleman from the next
line came over and said "What a nice Sibe". She stuck her nose up in the air, but permitted a bit of scratching. She also lowered herself to taking a treat from the cashier before strutting out of the store beside me.

Once home I realized just how big a Great Dane is as I squished her bed into it's spot in front of the bookshelf.

It seems this one FINALLY meets her standards. I need a bigger house though.


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