Sunday, 3 August 2008

Countdown to winter???

My friend, Donna Quante says that she has heard that when fireweed 'tops out' it means 6 weeks till winter. So imagine my delight - and my neighbours anguish - to find this along our driveway the other day -

Okay, so it is not right topped out, but it is pretty darn close. Close enough to get a dog musher all excited, for sure!

I took the quad up the driveway the other evening when Mark was on night shift and did some 'photo relaxation' - mostly focusing on the fireweed!

A little rain squall blew over while I was out and I amused myself taking a few pictures while waiting the rain out under a big tree.

On the way back to the fireweed, I stumbled across a raspberry patch.

Sadly (for the raspberries, not me), not all the raspberries survived the encounter.

Back to fireweed..

These guys have to be telling me no more then 8 weeks!

The berries are also speaking of an approaching fall...

Saskatoons - also known as 'Serviceberries' in some other places

And my favorites - Blueberries!!

There are other food groups represented in the woods, but I don't know mushrooms well enough to experiment with eating any fungus (and Mark plainly refuses to be my 'guinea pig'. Smart man!)

I also snapped a few images of some other wildflowers -

One of my favorites - Indian Paintbrush

Okay, so the fireweed down near the house isn't as far along as the stuff along the driveway - but you can't blame a 'Winter Chick' for trying!

As frequently, there are a few more pictures on my Picassa site -


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