Thursday, 31 July 2008


I got one run in with the dogs last week, but since then the weather has been entirely uncooperative. But, it has been okay to get Corrine out for some scootering.
She started off giving it a try with Hilda and it was such a success that we were in the city the next day buying her a helmet.
The helmet made her a bit braver and soon she was driving Nik, Olena, then Moses. A few days ago she upped the ante to two dogs - Hilda and Roary - and she's been doing a great job with them.
Yesterday she even had her first 'race' with friend and neighbour Lisa, although I don't know if anyone other then Corrine realized they were racing!
All and all it has been a great experience for Corrine and a great time for the dogs and I.


Corrine giving scootering a try with Hilda.

Harnessing Olena

Harnessing Olena

Running with Moses

Corrine and Moses

Running 2 dogs (Roary and Hilda)

Scootering with Lisa

Snacks for the dogs

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