Tuesday, 23 February 2010

'Handy' Once Again

Typing skills are back up to par - or, at the least, close, so I figured it was time for a blog entry!!!

The hand is healing relatively well. I did have to go back on another antibiotic today. Nothing to panic about, just being cautious as the edges of the wound are a bit redder then they should be and the wound is stilling draining 'serous' fluid.
Once it started to drain the swelling quickly came down and I have been back to almost full use since Monday.
I had hoped stitches would be out soon, but looks like, because it is in a area that gets alot of 'movement' they will have to be in for a while longer.

On Sunday I ran an eight dog team on a 20 mile run. I wore the brace that the doctors gave me but it caused more discomfort then running dogs did. The next day I wrapped my hand/wrist with 2 tensor bandages and that worked really well. I took 10 dogs with Jan's handler, Simone as a passenger and had a really nice run.

Today things were back to 'normal' with Mark and I each taking 10 dogs on a really nice 47 mile run.

Tomorrow we are giving the dogs a day off, which will allow us to work on a bunch of other stuff that must be done before we leave Muzzy's Place on Sunday!!

Here are a few pictures from Monday's run -

One of Simone's pictures from the sled!

This is a bit blurry, but I wanted to share as this is the simple corner that kicked my butt a little over a week ago (but coming the other direction). Right behind the first tree visible on the right is a bunch of broken branches and some blood!!


Pictures from today's run -

Climbing Jenny M hill.

Starting downhill.

Crossing one of 'the ponds' (I don't believe they have names, everyone just refers to them as 'The Ponds")

Happy Trails again!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The part about the blood behind the tree is too funny. Not laughing at your injury, only your commentary. Bet you never look at that tree the same way again. I think most of us mushers all have a corner we did something we shouldn't have on but I bet yours takes the cake. Wishing you a fast healing.


Bakavi said...

the teams are looking fine!

granimar said...

Glad that things are approaching normal. Many thanks to Jan, Carl and Simone for looking out for you and your adventures in Alaska already done !!! Mark returned at just the right time, too. Take those anti-biotics !!! you don't need an infection about Ruby!! So a fan's thank you to Muzzy's place as they send North Wapiti on it's way. see you next week. Hurray