Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Worst 3 Minutes of Iditarod.

The dogs claim that this morning they had to endure the worst 3 minutes of the Iditarod.

"Ridiculous", said Crunchie
"Horrific", declared Charge
"We told the rookies is was awful", said Dasher

"You must be kidding", Roscoe said with wide eyes
"Do you think I can dance my way out of this?" wondered Rocket

What was this dreadful ordeal you ask?? Well - laying still on their sides for three whole minutes while they got Iditarod EKGs done today.


Charge (notice he has turned his bottom ear almost inside out!!)

Apparently even getting blood work and microchipping done -

Billie being amazingly good for the blood draw! Yeah Billie!!


-wasn't near as horrendous as actually having to BE STILL for THREE WHOLE MINUTES.


"Even Bull Riders only have to last for 8 seconds" quipped Barq

Don't worry guys, the hard part is behind you now!!!

Many thanks to the amazing Jan Bullock and her equally wonderful crew for being so terrific with the dogs! You guys are the BEST!!!

And thanks to my most excellent handler for the day, Simone (on load from Muzzy's Place)!!! Couldn't have done it without you!!



Annie said...

They wore no muzzles at the vet's? I'm impressed.

Karen Ramstead said...

None of them have ever had a muzzle on Annie! No need!