Saturday, 20 February 2010

Photos from the Dog Yard

We all had a day 'off' today (I know - I've been 'off' since Monday) so I took a few pictures out in the dog lot this morning.

Runner - who is stepping up to be a significant leader in the team

Handsome and hardworking Q

Billie enjoying her 'down time'. She has served notice to the veterans that she doesn't want to stay in Willow while they race to Nome. She well may get her way!


Spidey - we just switched her to one of short harnesses and it really seems to have made her a happier gal!


THE MAN - Crunchie

Wi-o-wi??? Wifi

Beautiful Bingo!

Tess - who is having her best season ever. She never backs off and is stepping up as a leader!! I am so proud of her!

Jinx - she and Dasher really are THE front end around here!!

Runner - don't call him 'Jill' - the house is just a 'loaner'!!


granimar said...

Oh what gorgeous faces. Tess, I'm so proud of you, I just knew you'd be right in there doing what needed to be done. Hope to see you soon [Karen and the rest of the team, too] :-)

AussieAlaskan said...

What gorgeous dogs! I just kept scrolling down and the next photo was just as good or better.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Man, you take awesome pictures! Love how you've captured some of their personalities.
May I post one on my blog to entice my readers to gander your blog? It is so beautiful!

Rob Fradette said...

I really think Q and Wifi would enjoy the couches at my place. I can see Q snuggling up with Spot on one and Wifi eating the other with Ikkuma.

Bakavi said...

Tess is gorgeous, as well as a whole bunch of other ones, too numerous to name.