Thursday, 21 October 2010

Baled Out

Straw bales are an important part of winter survival gear for us country folk. Most years my very thoughtful neighbours across the highway give me enough straw bales to get me through the season, but since they didn't put any crops in this year we were on our own this time. Well, that is until 'Other Side of the Valley' Lisa put together a little straw co-op. Five of us got together and purchased 120 bales.

"Many hands make light work."
-John Heywood
Lisa has a pretty messed up back, so she was assigned the job of counting!

One hundred and twenty bales ready to roll!

Our 'take' was 30 bales. Ten of those will insulate the water line to the garage and the other 20 will be keeping the dogs warm and cozy for the winter!

Lisa will be using her 30 for her dogs and her sheep.

In addition Eve and Sandy's horses will be warm for the winter, as will Stacey's dogs and garden!!

One more 'pre-winter' task checked off on the list!!


The Thundering Herd said...

Clearly we are too generous with our straw if 20 bales last you all winter for all of your dogs. That or the Herd likes playing and throwing it too much.

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, sure! Lisa and her back. I've heard that one before. She NEVER has to do any heavy lifting. Doesn't seem to stop her from scootering!