Thursday, 28 October 2010

That's What Friends Are For!!!

A sixteen dog team is over 60 feet long from the front of the ATV to the leaders noses. Turning them around, even when all goes well, is always a chore with lots of potential for disaster.

So, when your friend across the valley has a lovely circular driveway, gosh knows it makes sense to utilize it when you can!!

I'm not sure that Sam, the World's Most Adorable Guardian Sheepdog thought so though! He abandon his flock of sheep and headed for his shelter when the 2 packs of 'wolves' descended on his yard (sorry - no pictures, but check out Lisa's blog at )

A nice easy, relatively stress free 20 mile run!!! Excellent!!

As opposed to the day before when I ended up with my gangline wrapped around the axle of my ATV - but let's not dwell on that - let's remember yesterday.

Ah - bliss!!!!

Thanks Lisa!!!!

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