Monday, 11 October 2010

"I'm Thankful For Yams"

(Brownie points if you know the TV series the title line of this blog is from. Answer at the end of the post!)

So today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Not a day shared with many other countries but a day for Canadians to give thanks for "the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed".

We did that last night when we went over to Mark's older brother's place to have dinner with his family. Turkey, stuffing, cabbage rolls, perogies, pumpkin was a great feast. And Simone's first roast turkey!!! Poor girl. She is thinking of opening up a shop once she gets back to Switzerland specializing in turkey and Slurpees. I'm sure when she thinks about it she will add pancakes to the list too!!

Anyway, while I think we should put thought everyday into the things in life we have to be thankful for - not just one day a year - I want to wish a wonderful Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!

And for the record, what I am most thankful for is not yams (that was DEXTER) but the wonderful and unique souls (human, canine and yes, even feline) that are a part of my life.

A very thankful,

Our 'Thanksgiving Day' teams!


Corgi-Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bakavi said...

Happy Thanksgiving! and what a lovely blessing at the end of the blog.
Yes, no matter how little or much we have we should remember it everyday and be thankful. Especially for the "unique souls, human canine or feline" that make our lives wonderful.
thanks Karen

Anonymous said...

And we're thankful to have you and everyone and everything associated with NW!
Mark and Pat, Spider, Batdog and Junior

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your entire NW family. We hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for the really warm & touching blog. I say "Ditto" to your
blessing!!!! I too am thankful that you share your canine & feline family with all of us.
Sitka's Mom

FiveSibesMom said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was a good one! Looks like you had fun! Beautiful team photos! I'm new to your blog (I came across it through Khyra's Korner)...hope you'll stop by and visit us at the FiveSibes too! We share Canadian heritage as my paternal g/g/g/grandmother (if I have the numbers of "great" right!)came to the US from Canada via wagon train! Been to visit and loved it each time. Hope to chat again soon!