Friday, 24 August 2012

Pulling My Weight - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies!

Yes, yes, I'm so sorry that we've been neglecting the blog and the Facebooks again.  I just want to assure you that we are busy, busy, busy little bees that flit around your face with their ouchy stinger things and threaten to jab you in the face AAAAAH... oh sorry... we've actually been busy plotting and planning things for the upcoming training season.

Yep, while the Musher is hard at work doing mushing stuffs and things in Australia and finishing up her Tales on the Trails... um... ahem... yeah...

Anyhoo!  Before I get into all of that plotting and planning and what's coming up in the next month or two or three or so, I just wanted to clarify some things like THIS!!!!

Trix and Bronson - Border Collie Sled Dogs

Apparently while she is there, the Musher is getting some crazy ideas from the Australians, namely that Border Collies make wonderful sled dogs.  I'm pretty sure the only reason Trix and Bronson are smiling is because they are good sports and would much rather herd something nice like a wombat, or someone is holding a plate of waffles just out of camera view.

The Musher seems to think that sled dogs are the ultimate athletes and contributors to good things.  After all, they did save the whole town of Nome from the icky Diptheria disease, so sled dogs have made major contributions to society, but I would like to point out some of the contributions that Border Collies have made in history.

If it hadn't been for Border Collies, Robert Goddard wouldn't have made the first rocket that propelled astronauts to the moon.

Yeah, betcha you didn't know anything about that, did you!  I didn't think so.

You probably also didn't know that Border Collies helped invent the lightbulb, as this picture with one of my distant ancestors with Mr. Thomas Edison proves.

So although we're not much brawn, we are all brain and frankly a bit too smart to be pulling a sled around...

ahem... well... I didn't say we wouldn't do it if asked nicely and bribed with waffles.

- Bet

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MelMur said...

These guys must go through a LOT of waffles!