Friday, 31 August 2012


I wrote this my last day in Oz, but didn't manage to finish it up and get it posted until today!! Whooops!!

Today is my last day in Australia. It has been a wonderful and memorable trip. I owe so many folks thanks for so many things....I hope I don't miss any of you, but I'm sure I will!!!

First and biggest thanks go to Andrew, Lisa, Caleb and Wrench Gersbach for completely taking me under their 'wings' and watching over me for my time in their country. After every flight or change of 'guard' there was always a text or email coming from them making sure all was well. You were fantastic hosts and I am so very appreciative. I hope and suspect that our trails will cross many times in the future.

Lisa, Caleb and I

The only guy that was going to talk me into getting on a rig in Australia!!! Caleb and I running the PeeWee Class at the Canberra races.

Chris, Shane and Shirley Smith were terrific hosts to me in Sydney. Chris, of course, is no stranger to me, but his brother Shane and sister-in-law, Shirley, just stepped up and took me in like they had known me for years. So kind.
Shane should take up giving tours of Sydney for a living. He was a great guide and took me to see all kinds of great places!!!! 

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Yvonne Peheim was wonderful about making sure I got to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Melbourne and surrounding area! Too fun Yvonne!! 'Roos rock!!!

And the lovely Erin O'Shea and I had a great time on our day tour of Melbourne. LOVE all those alleyways and 'arcades'. How wonderful!! And no fear Erin...your secrets are safe with me!! LOL

Erin and myself!!

It was fabulous sitting around chatting dogs and visiting with Cheryl Smart (and Charlee, of course) and my horseback ride on the beach is fondly embedded in the memory banks!!! Thank you so much.

Horseback riding on the beach!

Cheryl (and Sophie's) litter of chubby little cuties!!!

Sophia Dalidakis is just a truly cool person and I owe her a huge amount of thanks for so many things over the last week that I can't really begin to mention them all. Let's just say 'the picture' will never surface, Soph!!!!

Soph and I riding on the beach!
 Thanks to David and Susanne Hodgson for all your work organizing and the terrific time at the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Club Weekend!!! The trip would have never happened without the two of you and I'm very thankful!!!

Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Cup Race Weekend

And THANKS to so many folks that did so many other kind things for giving me rides, loaning me bikes, feeding me, jousting with me, giving me great wine...and making me laugh!! So fun!!

Biking in Uggs!!
"Graham, I think the race rules are clear on the fact that you can't carry her around the trail!"

For keeping birds off helmets or cameras on, Aussies love their zip ties!!!
Aussie snowman. Yeah, I know.....
WORLD (??) Champion Rig Jousting Champions. Thanks to my awesome partner Darren Watson (yup - a Kiwi and a Canuck kicked some Aussie butt!! LOL) 

And to Australia....thank you for 'roos, caramel slices, honey joys, 'roos,  great red wine, 'snot' blocks, teaching me to love oysters on the half shell, soft shell crab, 'roos, flat whites, Pavlova, snow gum trees, so many fabulous varieties of beautiful birds, glorious beaches, koalas, wombats, skies filled with stars I don't see at home, the harbors of Sydney and Melbourne, the Sydney Tower walk, James Squire hard cider, Healthy Grilled Burgers goat cheese and hummus lamb burger, have I mentioned 'roos??, awesome black licorice, Tim Tams, taking the English language places I couldn't have believed, giving me a new appreciation for beetroot, Sticky Date Pudding, Uggs, Aussie Pies (which contrary to the 'sales pitch' given to me didn't taste like cat food), rig jousting (and for the record, Darren Watson believes he and I may be the WORLD CHAMPION rig jousters!!! Could be....we were awesome!!! LOL)  .......and hundreds of friendly, funny and engaging Australians!!!!!

I LOVE 'Roos!!!

Beach Boxes at Brighton Beach

Caramel Slice - mmmmmmmm

Have I mentioned I like kangaroos???

Don't think I've ever seen dogs run in shorts before!!!! Go Steve!

Lamb Sandwich and a glass of Shiraz along the beach!!!

It was an amazing and fun-filled three weeks!!!

'Ta' to you all!!!


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Polly said...

Thanks for helping us travel vicariously through you Karen. Loved seeing the pics and hearing the stories of the Land down under.