Sunday, 9 June 2013

RAGBRAI Swag - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I must say that I'm verklempt by the outpouring of support in less than a day of our new fundraising-palooza!

As always, there are clarifications, and new pictures, and stuffs and things that go along with paloozas because I'm a busy Border Collie and not good at multi-tasking!

We had a question from one of our wonderful fans:

Wonderful Fan:  If I want to donate more money, but still get a hat or cool water pouch, how do I do that?

Dear Wonderful Fan:  I'm glad you asked!  There is a pesky small link at the very top where you can click on that and donate whatever amount you want!

If you donate $20 - $39, you can still tell us you want the cool Winter Chick Water Pouch.

If you donate $40 - $59, you can still tell us you want the cool Winter Chick Hat.

If you want both... well, we've added a new reward level where you can get both!  How cool is that!

You can still donate more if you want, we're not going to argue with you, but if you do donate more using the "Donate a Different Amount" link and want some Winter Chick swag... just let us know, we'll work with you!

If you use one of the other buttons, you can only get what those buttons give you, so if you want the Winter Chick Swag, don't use the other buttons... is that clear?  Oh SQUIRREL!

The Winter Chick Water Pouch is really cool beans.

It is a 12 oz water pouch that is collapsible AND foldable!  It folds!!!  Drink your water, fold it up and stuff it in a pocket!  If it's full you probably can't fold it up and stuff it in your pocket, but you know what?  It has a carabiner that you can clip it to your pants or something!

The hats are really cool too... as in they're keep your head covered from the nasty sun and keep you cool!  They're made of a lightweight mesh-like breathable fabric.  From what I understand, you won't be able to actually feel or hear the hat breathing on your head, which could be disturbing.  It just breaths all nice and quiet and keeps your head cool.

The front sports the really cool © Winter Chicks Logo embroidered on there all good and tight

The back sports the © North Wapiti Kennels name also embroidered on there all nice and wonderful.  The hat is sizable and fits most heads, except it won't fit the Cartoonist's head, she has a freakishly small head.

The Winter Chick RAGBRAI items will be shipped out as soon as possible, most likely right after the RAGBRAI.

All other Iditarod Items will be shipped out after the 2014 Iditarod!

Hope that clears things up!

- Bet

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Becky and Husky Ryn, from Iowa, U.S.A. said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Iowa, Karen. Perhaps my two 'pretty curly tails' can woooo you on at some point on the ride.