Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pokey Pokey Beaks - Bet

Sigh... howdy ho everybodies

As you can probably guess, it is that time of the year again... sigh.

I was dreading it for months, and I had hoped that winter would just go all year long so I wouldn't have to put up with those beady eyed pokey pokey beak things again, but here they are.

Just look at them!

 Swarms of them!  Literally swarmed by those nasty hummingbird things!  They are attacking me and sucking my precious blood!  I told her hummingbirds were evil!

They even have the GALL to land on my nose!  MY. NOSE!

I'm almost afraid to keep my eyes open because they even try to poke me in the eye!  I'm not a flower you silly hummingbirds!

OOOH, I think I squished one!  I hope the Musher won't be mad.

 I can feel it buzzing under my paw even!

 It doesn't seem very happy to be under there... let me lift my paw up a bit and ...

OH crap!  His buddies are dive bombing me!  Fine! FINE!!!!

 I'll just sit here and maybe they'll go away... shoo shooo you stupid hummingbirds!

 IEEEEEE they're in my ears!!!!

 They're going for my eyes!!!  They just won't leave me alone!


 Maybe if I roll around, I can squish some of them!

 What?  These aren't hummingbirds?  They're mosquitos?  Well, they're big enough to be hummingbirds.  I wouldn't be surprised if they carried off one of the stupid cats, they are just that big!

I think they've exsanguinated me.  I'm pretty sure the only thing that will save me is some waffles...

 ... and some shrimp and pasta... and a full body mosquito net.

- Bet

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Frosty said...

Hey Bet; remember me,Frosty, well my mates use a fancy 'eau de cologne' called Chevalier Buzz-off. I checked the label and it says you can wander among the Hummingbirds happily