Tuesday, 25 June 2013

High Ground!

 While I was away in California and Oregon the past few weeks (a blog on that will be coming soon!) the province of Alberta has experienced some epic and tragic flooding. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected.

Check out these 20 images that give a good picture of the scope and seriousness of this event.


Just horrible.

The kennel is fine. Alberta is a huge province and we are a long way - physically, at least - from the flooded areas.
Emotionally we are not at all far away though. My Mom, my brother and Mark's parents, as well as many friends, live in and around southern Alberta. Thankfully, all are fine. Mark's parents were evacuated, but returned home to find no damage to their home. What a relief!!!

I have been inspired in the past days to watch Calgary, the city that I still consider my 'hometown' (I lived there from the time I was  12 till my mid twenties) rally and battle to get through this.

The province really isn't completely out of danger yet either. Today the city of Edmonton, which is MUCH closer to Perryvale, experienced rain that overwhelmed their drainage systems and caused a fair amount of flooding - nothing compared to the farther south areas though.

We are very comfortable that none of this will affect the kennel. We have a couple factors that give us this confidence. First the entire kennel is on sand, so the drainage is exceptional. Second, the Tawatinaw River, which runs through our property is little more then a creek really and there are LARGE banks between it and the kennel.

Bet keeping an eye on the Tawatinaw River.

We will keep everyone posted and we asked that you keep the all the residents of southern Alberta that have been impacted by the flooding in your thoughts! They are in ours!

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ainnirbard said...

We went through major flooding in August 2011...many sympathies.