Friday, 22 May 2015

Poor Planning.

Falcon's summer project has been a basement suite for her dog house. Things were going well, she was looking at paint and fabric samples .... and then this happened...

The local Housing Authority stated that there were no permits done. They questioned the design and the skill level of the contractor.

(That's the Housing Authority on the upper left of the picture. She was self appointed).

She called in a Disaster Recovery Unit (ME) .....

...and all was put right.

Falcon's talking about an in ground pool now.

Good luck getting THAT by the Housing Authority Falcon.

Even if she is your Mother.


Falcon's sponsor said...

Ha Ha Ha you go Falcon! My Kelpie Bryn and you should form a construction business!

Siberian Husky said...

My backyard looks like that. My huskies ripped up all the grass and its all dirt now with huge holes everywhere. I recently built a much larger fence hoping that they wont tear the grass up.