Sunday, 3 May 2015

That'll Do Musher - Bet

In case folks haven't figured it out, I LOVE that wacky Musher of mine.  Yup, I have a lot of human souls that I love and own big pieces of my heart - but that silly, waffle-making, bad ensemble, silly tennis shoed, slightly neurotic, scarf-loving human is in a league all of her very own.

For those of you that don't know, the Musher's passion is racing Pretty Curly Tails, and they are EXTREMELY accomplished in the pulling of Musher sleds and racing.  Crunchie is practically a legend.  The Musher comes from great genes, my Grandmom makes the bestest pancakes, and warms my butter and syrup for me.  The Musher just didn't fit into the city life or show her potential for filing and collating, and that is how she ended up here in the wilds of North Wapiti.

I've written OODLES over the years about that, and her job at the kennel, so I won't go over it all again here.

In her travels with me over the last 6 years, we've come into contact with baa baa sheepie things numerous times and I've made it VERY clear that I needed to concentrate my mad skills on herding the Pretty Curly Tails, training the puppies, making sure the cloud, clouches, and couch were worn in properly, and not something that I could add to my very busy schedule.

All that changed last month though.  We just happened to be in contact with baa baa sheepie things again and I thought "Ya know, the Poutines of Anarchy are getting bigger, and it's getting nice out, which means long runs with the Musher on her stupid bicycle, and sitting by the ponds, lake, water thingie, so why not do some herdy herding to keep my muscles toned?"

As I do have the Musher wrapped around my little paw toe, she took me across the valley to Lisa's house once a week for some lessons.  I'm a bit rusty since my training at Alta Pete Stockdogs and Ms. Jenny's comprehensive training program.  This weekend Lisa was putting on a seminar, so off we went to Landing Trail Stock Dogs.

I got tired of the amateurs running around, willy nilly, not even keeping the baa baa sheepie things in line, and making all sorts of mistakes, so I may have gotten a bit emotional with the yelling and backseat driving instructions, so the Musher had to put me in the van... harumpff.

When it was my turn, for the amount of training I've had, I did a GREAT job. It felt good to get back in the baa baa sheepie ring again.  Of course I was wearing my FASHIONABLE collar that makes my furs pop.  They are the bestest collars and all the rage with other herdy herders (thanks to me).  If I'm going to do anything, I'm going to do it stylish, right Ms. Jenny?

Part of herdy herding baa baa sheepie things is "lie down".  This is not my favorite part of the herdy herding process.  It's like the Musher has no idea how much baa baa sheepie things poop.  That stuff is all over the place, and who wants to lay in that?  I'd rather just stand, thank you very much.

We also worked on doing Figure 8's with pylon things and stuffs and that's pretty hard.

Whoopsies, my bad

At the end of our session, she patted her leg, said "That'll do Bet" and she looked down at me with that tired satisfaction that I see so often in the Pretty Curly Tail eyes, things are RIGHT in my world!

Oh, and she made me waffles for breakfast this morning.  Did I mention that she just can't say "no" to me?  hehehehehehe

- Bet

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Jack & Moo said...

Atta girl, Bet! Always keeping your world in order.