Saturday, 23 May 2015

World Turtle Day - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

We just love to celebrate worldly things and stuffs and today it's World Turtle Day!!!

According to the Wikipedias, World Turtle Day started in 2000

The purpose of World Turtle Day®, started in 2000 by a tortoise rescue group, is to bring awareness about turtles and tortoises.  Apparently you celebrate by wearing a green summer dress... um... ok. You can also go save some turtles or dress up as a turtle... um... alrighty then.

We always like to participate in these types of things, so I went out to the dog yard to pass out some green dresses and to make sure no turtles were being used as soccer balls (hey, it happens sometimes), I found this.

Bet:  Turtle, what are you doing?
Turtle: Don't you know??  It's World ME day!
Bet: Um, yes, it's World Turtle day, but they mean those things that walk around with shells on
Turtle: You mean eggs?  Eggs don't walk around.
Bet: Um, no... I mean Turtles
Turtle: That's ME!
Bet: No, the Chelonians
Turtle: Don't be silly, why would there be a world day for a group of soluble substance that are produced within a tissue and that inhibit mitosis of cells of that tissue and whose action is reversible?
Bet: That's Chalones, Chelonians are turtles
Turtle: See!  That's me
Bet: Nice crown
Turtle: Thanks!  It'll look stunning with my green dress.


- Bet

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