Monday, 12 October 2015

Calendars and Patches Still Available - Twig

Hey fans!

Just wanted to let you know (ok, fine, Bet told me I needed to blog more, but hey, a puppy has things to eat and play with) that we still have wonderful calendars and patches available.

Check it out!

The month of June totally matches the color of my new collar!!!!

I really didn't plan that, but hey, that's pretty cool!

These aren't some flimsy papery, crinkly, rippy calendars, nope!  These babies are really nice and thick, and hang on the wall and people will go "where did you get such a wonderful calendar?" and you can say:  North Wapiti Kennels!

We've got lots of them, so get them while you can!  While you're at it, get your official North Wapiti patch to put on your jackets, or hats, or books, or wherever you put patches because patches are IN.  I don't think patches ever go OUT, so you'll be cool all the time wearing one of these.

So head on over to the blog shop and order yours now... better hurry because the end of the year is coming soon, so you won't know what day it is unless you have a calendar!

Click right here to go to the blog shop and get your's right now... I mean RIGHT NOW!!!


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