Saturday, 10 October 2015

New Collar for Twig - Bet and Twig

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

Twig got her FABulous new collar today, and she wanted to try it on and then surprise me.

Come on!  Can I turn around now?
She wanted me to wait until she was in the perfect position for the big reveal!  I think she's been watching too many of those fashion shows on the tv... I mean, of course I watch them, but it's only to see what the latest fashions are so I can prepare the Musher for her lectures and going out on the town, and perhaps seeing if scarves are going out of style (oh I hope they never go out of style, they are so wonderfulicious).

Are you ready to see my new collar????
Um... I was ready about 15 minutes ago, but sure, let's get a gander at it!

OOOH, wait, I have to turn the wonderful name tag around so you can see it, hang on again!

Ok, don't look until I'm all ready and all that!!
She's just a bit over dramatic at times... I have NO idea where she gets that from!

TAH DAH!!!!!
OOH, that's very orangy!  I was thinking perhaps a Burnt Sienna or a Marigold, but that's pretty bright!!!  Very nice and it matches your furs wonderfully!

I KNOW!!!  It's very fierce, just wearing it makes me feel fiercer!!!

Ok, yes, that's pretty fierce and all, but it's a little hard for me to see it when you're gnawing on my neck
I can't help it!  This collar gives me super powers!  I'll be able to herd anything in this collar, even those cats!

Seriously?  The cats?

Um, ok, yeah, that's a bit ambitious.  I think I would need a fiercer collar for the cats, and perhaps a shark cage.

You do know that's just a growing collar, right?

How can you tell?
Um... the really long part at the end of it that will poke out my eye if you aren't careful.

I can try to chew it off!
I wouldn't if I were you... the Musher might put you into one of the stinky old Pretty Curly Tail collars until you grow into your permanent Herdy Herder Baa Baa Sheepie thing collar.

I want to go out and show the world my new collar!

Ok, let's go show the Pretty Curly Tails and Homeland Security crew.

Um... little Twig... don't get in the water...

I can do what I want because I'm fierce and have my new collar!  I need to get it a bit muddy because it looks too new!

Ok, but you know what happens when you get muddy, right?

I'm not afraid of anything!

Ok, so maybe I should have listened to her... this is horrible.  Maybe I can be fierce and clean at the same time.  It's hard to look fierce during a bath.

This "fierce" business is tiring sometimes, especially after a bath.

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Louise Midkiff said...

OooKkkaayyy! That answers that question pretty well. Thanks, Ms. Bett. You had a handle on that situation all along. Puppies, like children, sometimes just have to learn by doing. We'll remember that one next time, won't we?