Sunday, 25 October 2015

There are puppies - Twig

Um... Ok, so Bet told me that I have to start doing the blog thing a lot more because apparently she's got yet ANOTHER job here at North Wapiti and that includes raising puppies.

Nobody told me about this when I came here.  Sure, they said I would be herding Pretty Curly Tails, and frankly I'm cool with that because they run fast and they're pretty and they're all pretty nice (from what I've been told, I haven't really gotten to the point where I need to herd them as I'm still in training) but NOBODY told me about this part!

Here we all were, frolicking and playing, and running, and playing and having a heck of a time having fun, then Molly gets moved into the house.  Ok, that's fine, the more the merrier, but she wasn't very happy at all and I thought she was sick!  She went into the cushy new back room with a big blue swimming pool, and I'm all like "um... what?"

Next thing I know Bet and the Musher are running around getting hot water and towels and there's all sorts of activities and excitement and then I got to witness the "miracle of birth".

WOW!  Just WOW!  Right after we ate too, that wasn't cool at all.

It took FOREVER too, those puppies just came out on their own sweet time, and then there was this loooooooong wait because one was absolutely huge and was blocking things up, and then that all worked its way out and before you know it, there are six squeeky little balls of fluff.

Puppies.  I'm the puppy!  I'm supposed to be the cute, adorable, everyone loves me because I'm cute little puppy.  Now there are THESE puppies!  Totally not fair, not fair I tell you!

OOOH look at the cute puppies... and they aren't talking about me.  sigh.

Then Bet disappears into the room with them, and I tried to go in there, because I'm her apprentice and all, and I have to learn these things, I guess... although I'm not really into babysitting or whatever, but then I get this:

Molly doesn't want me in there with her and the puppies.  DENIED!  I can't even go in there!

So, I'm stuck out here with the cats... WITH CATS!!!

Twig... stop touching me

From inside the room Bet is giving me material for this blog.  I can't really understand her.

There are six puppies.

There are some boys and some girls... I think she said 2 boys, 4 girls.

The dad is mumble mumble... or jumbo... it could have been Angela Merkel, I'm not sure.

One is on fire... or has flames on it or something

She wants me to name them.  She said the came back from the future, or there's some movie that is like 30 years old that I'm supposed to pick names from... thirty years?  My mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother wasn't even born way back then, how the heck am I supposed to come up with names from such an old movie???

This is ridiculous!

Ok, so it's the Back to the Future litter, and I'm calling them:

Emmett - Boy
McFly - Girl
Lorraine - Boy
Biff - Girl
Dee Lori Ann - Girl
Huey Lewis - Girl

I'll be on the couch sulking with the cats.

Great Scott!!!


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Louise Midkiff said...

Poor ol' Twig! Bet has been through this so very many times, and loses her supper every time, so that part's no big deal. New puppies belong only to the new mom's for the first couple of days at least. After that they get real curious. Ask Bet. We'll expect a re-do on those names.