Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ramstead vs Ramstead

The Rousey / Holm fight in Melbourne yesterday had NOTHING on the Ramstead / Ramstead Border Collie weight match here at the kennel today.

Round one was hotly contested from the opening bell.

 The Champion used cunning and experience, while the young upstart relied on teeth and speed!

The crowd was on the edge of their seats!!!!!!!!

After much discussion, the judges gave the first round to the Champion!

Round 2 started out well for Ramstead, but quickly Ramstead got the upper paw.

And then it happened..... to the shock of all, the Champion was knocked out

I think a rematch is already in the works...


coyoteforging said...

Excellent!! Love the crowd and the judges!!

mgailt said...

Did they shake paws, or give "high fives" at the finish? Looks like they settled it fairly amicably, at any rate, and doesn't look like there was any bodily damage.