Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Raffle for a Wonderful Cause - Bet


You need to get in on this because it's a cart the Musher donated, and the proceeds are going to the Willow Sockeye Fire destruction thing, and it'll help a lot of people things, and you might win it even and stuff and things!!!

Here's the scoops:

Without further ado, here is our big, huge, exciting announcement:
your chance to win a brand new Arctis Cart for only $10!
Our latest model 3-wheel cart with the following specs and options:
LWH 72x48x48"
Winner gets to choose 90 or 120lb version
Folds flat to 20" height
Hydraulic disc brakes on rear wheels
"Digger" claw brake
Rear suspension
Traction tires
Powder coated frame, winner picks color
Sled bag
Commemorative "North Wapiti Kennels / Arctis Cart" plaque
Retail value $2929
Earlier this year, we were trying to come up with creative ideas for our continued support of Karen Ramstead's team for the next season. One idea was, to donate the proceeds of a cart auction/raffle to Karen's kennel. 
In June, the Sockeye fire destroyed 26 homes in the mushing community of Willow, AK, most of those were mushing kennels.
Karen and us decided to change plans, donate not only proceeds, but 100% of the funds to the Willow Dog Mushers in order to help with recovery.
In April of this year, we had just been to Willow to deliver one of our carts to a local musher, whose home (and new cart) were also destroyed in the fire, so this one hit even closer to home for us.
So here's what you need to do:

If you are outside(lower 48) call Underdog Feeds at (907)373-6851 with your credit card number and get one ticket or ten. Limited to 1000 tickets.

Here's the flyer... 

NOW GET ON THE PHONE!!! Don't make me get bitey face!!!!

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