Friday, 4 December 2015

My New Collar - Twig

Hey Fans!!!

The Musher told me that it's time for my official sheep herding collar, and I. AM. STOKED!

I've been wearing my very pretty, bright orange temporary collar for a while now, and I've almost outgrown it, which means I'm old enough for my official herdy collar!

All herdy dogs have collars from the coveted Kenyan Collection place.  You can't be an official herdy coolie until you get one of them.

The Musher gave me the catalog to choose my new permanent collar and frankly all of the collars are wonderful and colorful and brave and fierce and I simply can't decide!!!

This is where I need your help!

Bet told me that when she couldn't decide on her perfect collar, she asked all of the peoples for their opinions, so I'm asking you to help me choose my herdy collar!!!

I hope you don't mind.  I know it's a big decision and all, but I do trust your opinions on what will match my furs, and the symbols and meaning behind the collar, and all of that stuff (and things).

So, I'm posting my final picks and just go over to the poll on the right side of the blog and vote for the one you think speaks to my soul... or just looks fabulous, but speaks to my fierceness... remember, fierce has to be in there somewhere because I am... fierce.

So here are the choices that I'm leaning toward:

Hippo Circus

Hippo Circus Page


Unity Page
Primary Colors

Primary Page

Of course, they aren't in any order of my choices (ok, they really are, I like the Hippo Circus), so don't let my opinion sway you, no... not at all...

So go and vote and we'll close out the voting Sunday at noon and we'll see where the chips lay, but don't let the chips lay on the floor, especially if they're potato chips because those things are tasty... um... sorry, got distracted there for a moment.

Let me know what you think I'll like and is fabulous and fierce while I herd!!

Thank you!

- Twig


Kim Har said...

Congrats on getting the official collar! My first pick would be Hippo Circus (the top photo) followed very close by Primary Colors ( the last photo). Stay away from the middle red one as it is too close to what Auntie Bet wears, and you are definitely your own Collie woman!

Sharon Johnston said...

I'm with the Hippo Circus as well. It is both festive and fierce, which exactly describes a young herdy coolie!

M said...

The Hippo Circus! If I was 'a Twig" I would have that for myselves....

Susan A Smith said...

Hi Twig, most definitely Hippo Circus. The middle one does not say fierce or even cool dog.


J. B. Sams said...

Hello Twig, I choose Unity. I think the Red and White would be quite striking against your bearutiful black and white coat.

Amalia Cochran said...

Definitely Hippo Circus for the lovely Twig <3

Barbara Boucher said...

Hippo Circus- it's fierce & flashy!

John Vassel said...

Hippo circus is my choice too. Very colorful and will let those sheepie things know you mean business!

Marilyn said...

Hippo Circus. It looks professional and fierce!

K Clark said...

Definitely Hippo! It has a Mauri warrior look, you could do the Haka and be fierce.

Unknown said...

ABSOLUTELY Hippo Circus - the bottom one on the pile! It's terribly fierce and just wonderful for you Twig!

Lisa Offhaus said...

I think Hippo Circus is fierce and would suit you :)

Sue said...

I really like Hippo Circus

Anonymous said...

UNITY! The Red shows dominance!
You want to express fierceness and dominance instantly!
The Solid Bold Color will Establish the pecking order of the fleet.
Multiple colors shows uncertainty!
Marlys Sauer

Williesmom said...

Hippo Circus gets my vote.

Taylor said...

Congratulations Twig on getting your official collar! Personally I am in love with the "Hippo Circus" collar. The colors and bead work are so cool. It has almost a tribal vibe to it!