Saturday, 5 March 2016

Tough Love - Bet

Um... We interrupt this bloggity blog for a very special announcement.  Please stand by.

Are you standing by?

Well come on!  We don't have all day, get standing peoples!!!!

Ahem.... There has been a minor change to the regular North Wapiti Kennels schedule that you should be made aware of.

You may recall a certain "waffle" incident recently.

Well, that was just the tippity tip of the iceberg of a certain teenage coolie's "coming of age" tantrums.

Twig is going through those awkward teenage years that some of us grow out of gracefully (ahem, me for instance), but some coolies get an attitude and think they're bigger than their FABulous ensemble britches.

Case in point... she started just TAKING my ensembles out of my closet and wearing them out and getting them dirty.

She didn't ask if she could wear my wonderful plaid ensemble, she just took it to show off to her teenage friends, then threw it in a pile, still wet, and now it smells like ick.

Despite this horrible transgression, we allowed her to have a slumber party with her friends.  We TOLD them there would be no shenanigans, but they all snuck out and played Bearfalo without proper permission while Bear was supposed to be guarding the Pretty Curly Tails.

This is me yelling at them
It's not Bear's fault, he was trying to get them back to the kennels so he could patrol, but they insisted they follow him.

Sigh... but that isn't the worst part.  The worst part is so horrible I don't even know if I can say it...

Ok, so maybe you should all sit down now.  This may be so horrible that you'll fall down...




BROCOOLIES!!!!!  Why they would name this vile plant after the majestic and svelt Border Coolies is beyond me!  It tastes horrible and causes a foul wind.

That's not even the worst part... the worst part...



COOLIFLOWERS!!!  It's like brocoolie's anemic step sister.  What is it with naming horrible vegetables after us????

That's when we knew.  She spit out a waffle and asked for brocoolies!!!!

So... while the Musher is in Alaska doing her judgey judging thing, we felt it best to send Twig off to Baa Baa Sheepy Camp.

Fran has a lot of responsibilities and we couldn't expect her to tend to the kennels and everypuppies while keeping an eye on Twig.  We knew that it was just a matter of time before Twig ran off to some farmer's market in search of organic, cage free, free range brocoolies, and if we didn't nip this behavior in the bud now, she may move on to kale, because we all know that brocoolie and cooliflower are gateways to kale and quinoa (whatever the heck that vile concoction is).

She is fine... having a bit of a culture shock and I'm sure she'll be writing us letters, as we've taken away her iPad so she can't text or order online vegetables, and she's only allowed one phone call per week at Baa Baa Sheepy Camp.

- Bet


John Vassel said...

LOVE the update Bet. Glad you stopped this early. Brocoolie and Coolieflowers are truly gateway vegetables.

Vickie Huntley said...

Thank you forte recent update Bet. Yes,like Johnsaid, Brocoolie and Coolieflowers definitely lead to much more. You did the right thing.