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March 24, 2007 Taiga Spring Break 300

PRESS RELEASE: Taiga Spring Break 300 : April 2, 2007

300 miles of cross country travel in the Upper Susitna River Basin
The course will be mixed travel, hills, rivers and lakes, with the majority of the trail being on river systems. About 50 miles of the trail will be above timberline. Snow conditions are excellent through the entire route. The trail is in place with an excellent base. Expect temperatures to range from a possible -20 at night to + 40 during the day.

The race will begin and end at Wolverine Lodge on Lake Louise - Mile 16 Lake Louise Road, turn off at milepost 160 on the Glenn Highway. 907-822-3988.

Race start will be at 11:00 a.m. on April 2, 2007. Teams will leave at 2 minute intervals. The race will be a continuous event of approximately 312 miles, consisting of 4 segments.

The first leg will be a 79 mile run from Wolverine Lodge, about half of which will be hilly, returning on the lake system to Wolverine for a mandatory 8 hour layover and time differential. No handler assistance or planned help allowed at this checkpoint. Teams will then continue on a 102 mile leg to the Maclaren Checkpoint; Maclaren River Lodge at milepost 42 on the Denali Highway. This 100 mile segment will be run entirely on the Lake Louise system, Susitna and Maclaren Rivers. There will be a mandatory 6 hour stop at Maclaren; straw will be provided. The 3rd leg will be a 29 mile loop east on the Denali Highway, then returning through the mountains to Maclaren for a 4 hour layover. The last run will return on the 102 mile leg to the finish at Wolverine Lodge.

The Taiga Spring Break is organized and operated by the Gin Gin 120 Race organization and is planned as an alternative to a trip to Kotzebue. We have great spring snow, great trails and expect a great turn out even on short notice. We will be a Yukon Quest qualifying race and have applied for Iditarod qualifying status which we hope to receive soon.
John Schandelmeier
HC 2 Box 7193
Meiers Lake, Alaska 99586
Maclaren River Lodge
Wolverine Lodge
See also the Lodge's Photo Album
includes two 180 degree panorama views - Maclaren Lodge & Glacier and Maclaren Valley
Apparently there is a Bear Statue outside the Lodge & see the view from the highway nearby
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Google Earth Images To get a general idea of the race area

Anchorage & Willow / Glen Hwy
Wolverine & Maclaren River Lodges
GE-WolverineMacLarenLodges.jpg (732004 bytes)
Wolverine & Maclaren River Lodges
GE-Taiga300.jpg (268120 bytes)
Wolverine & Maclaren River Lodge
- Another view
GE-WaterNearMaclarenLodge.jpg (246945 bytes)
Scenery near the Maclaren River Lodge area

Glen Highway Alaska

Glen Highway Alaska
Images from Wolverine Lodge Checkpoint Taken during the 2006 Copper Basin 300 Race
2006 CB 300 - Approaching Wolverine Lodge
Karen & team approach the Wolverine Lodge near the end of the 2006 Copper Basin 300
2006 CB 300 - Approaching Wolverine Lodge
 By Wolverine Lodge the dogs had developed a frosty layer on their fur...
1KarenIntoWolverine.jpg (299469 bytes) 2006 CB 300 - Wolverine Lodge
Wolverine  Lodge
Copper Basin 300 Trail Map
Copper Basin 2006 Trail Map
for area layout/reference

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