Sunday, 25 March 2007

March 25, 2007 Taiga 300 Handler

I am glad my handler Gwen is looking forward to her Alaskan adventure as she posted to the Yahoo Group! I just wanted to warn her that things will be a little different for her then for my previous handlers - as not only is the Taiga 300 'unassisted' (like Iditarod, Copper Basin, etc); Maclaron Lodge, which is the 2nd and 3rd checkpoints in the race is inaccessible by anything other then snowmachine (or dog team).
So for the bulk of the race, you will be hanging at Wolverine Lodge and caring for the 12 non racing dogs on the truck.

It's not a bad place to be stuck - good food, internet access and a big screen TV (though you usually don't get to choose what to watch), but it won't be as busy a trip as Ann had on the Copper Basin. I'd recommend bringing a book to help keep you occupied for the 2 days or so I'll be gone.

Everyone's clothing advice as been great. Ann is right 'Cotton is Rotten' - at least in the winter for the stuff we are doing. Synthetic is the way to go - as is layers. If you need anything extra, we probably have it, but let me know before I pack the truck, as you don't want to be unloading everything to find a pair of mitts! Trust me!

See you soon,

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