Thursday, 13 November 2008


Dirt seems to be an everyday part of my life. While most women my age (44) are only covered in mud when they are at the spa, I am constantly covered in dirt, mud, other brown substances and sweat.

Not very lady like, I'm afraid, but then again, I don't think I've ever been accused of being too 'ladylike'.

Rather then light, fragrant floral based soaps and shampoos in our shower, I have deodorant soaps, exfoliating facial scrubs and a nailbrush that is used on nails and much more.

Yesterday while I was making dinner Dr. Oz was on Oprah talking about 'healthy beauty secrets' - or some such thing. He was admonishing women that they shampoo their hair too frequently. "Only wash it when it is dirty" was his advice. LOL What if it is dirty everyday?????

I actually don't wash my hair everyday, mostly cause I don't have time, but when I do, I'm lucky if I can get the first batch of shampoo to even lather!

Despite aggressive scrubbing my fingernails are never sparkly and white. Well, I guess there is really no telling if they are bright white, as I don't have a nail longer then 2 millimeters - and even those ones are raggedy and uneven across the top.

So, why all this talk about dirt you ask?? After all it is November and all the mud is frozen and covered with a layer of sparkling snow - right??


Barq was NOT impressed...

Nor was Herman.

Nor was I (but I didn't take any pictures of that!)

This is NOVEMBER for goodness sakes.
Many thanks to Lisa ( for filling me up with homemade soup, muffins and coffee - and not minding when Herman dug a hole in her lawn - when we stopped by her place for a mid run break. She made a miserable run almost enjoyable!
More pictures of today's muddy run can be seen at -
and a few of yesterdays slighty more 'seasonable' run at -


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