Friday, 14 November 2008

Leaving NorthWapiti

There I was with the car all packed and ready for me to leave NorthWapiti and head back to my life in the States. I was anxious about my trip because I was bringing Paxson and Wired with me and also anxious because it was a long trip ahead of me. When I drove out to Perryvale I did it as such a spontaneous trip I never had time to even think abOut it but now I had been thinking about the return trip for a while.

The new handler had arrived and I had shown him a little bit of what needed to be done in the yard. He was all moved into the cabin and I had all my stuff packed into the trunk of my car and the hand off of responsibility was complete.

Waking up that Monday morning I was thinking I would have coffee with Karen and then head off down the road. Karen had a different idea of how my morning would go and insisted I go out for one last run with her! I said I would go if we took Paxson, since he would be in my car for the next 5 days and after that we would take the puppies for a run too. Karen assured me it would be a shorter run and that I would be able to get going soon!!

As we headed off on the trail I was struck by how much I have enjoyed my six weeks at the kennel. When I first got there I was completely overwhelmed with all the dogs and never imagined I would learn all their names let alone be able to tell one from another. Now I not only knew their names but I also knew their personalities and specifics about each one of them. This was an experience that I would always remember with great fondness and gratitude.

After a short 7 miles we pulled back into the yard where the new handler was waiting to help us get the dogs all back on their stakeouts. Next we took out the puppies and they were all in fine spirits free running after the quad!

Once we returned I knew it was time for me to get the dogs in the car and set off on my way. I put Paxson in the crate on the backseat and Wired was in a crate on the front seat of my little Toyota Corolla. Next was to track down Karen who was not making it easy for me to say good bye. It was a tearful good bye for both of us……….how lucky I was to not only have a great experience with all the cool dogs but to also leave with a wonderful new friend.

Not to worry I will be back!


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