Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Thank goodness for the dogs!

So there I was on the road back to Vermont with my two traveling companions Paxson and Wired. Of course they were the perfectly behaved dogs that anyone would expect from one of Karen’s NorthWapiti dogs. The entire trip they never made a peep of sound, walked perfectly on their leashes and were very content with the trip.

I wish I could say the same about myself…..there I was following my Google map directions not feeling overly concerned about the trip just riding down the road. I was in Saskatchewan heading for North Dakota and the US border. I saw the sign for the US border (150km) and I was on Route 6 as I was supposed to be, a nice uneventful trip. I knew the Portal, ND border crossing has a town on either side of the border and had planned on getting gas etc there. So you can imagine my surprise when out of the blue I come to a government building that says US customs and a sign that says Welcome to Montana. As I stopped, the border patrol officer saw the look of confusion on my face as I said, “I was supposed to be crossing the border in North Dakota”, and he laughed and said lots of people make that mistake and I had turned too soon. Well that was all well and good but I was expecting a town at the border and my gas light was now on and there was nothing at the border but open country. He assured me there were plenty of gas stations 16 miles down the road in Plentywood.

I got gas and some snacks and decided that I would drive a little more before I took the dogs out. So there I was driving out of Plentywood, following the signs and even paying attention to the speed limit. So now I am in the 70mph zone and have picked up my speed I see a police car with lights on coming down the road. I pull off to the side of the road, thinking he will pass by me to some huge emergency, and the next thing I know he has come up behind me. I am wondering why he has pulled me over and of course I ask him when he comes up to my window. He tells me I was going 55 in a 45 speed zone, since I had been paying close attention to my speed going through this little town I told him in fact I had not been speeding and had been paying very close attention to my speed. He again said I was speeding and wanted my registration etc. Now you must realize that little Wired is in a crate in the front seat so I have to get out of the car go around to the passenger side in order to get in my glove compartment and all my paperwork. He follows me and I am very courteous and give him my stuff. Now that he is back in his car ‘checking me out’ I decide I might as well take the dogs out. I mean really why just sit and wait while I am losing time on the road. I am convinced he will see I have a perfect driving record and might give me a little warning and send me on my way!! Ah but this is not the case.
He comes back to my car and tells me he is citing me for going 55 in a 45 and at this point I have just about had it with this guy and once again tell him I was not speeding. He tells me not to get angry and I once again (I have never argued with a police officer before either!) tell him that I was not speeding and yes I was angry. At this point he suggests he could take me into custody and that would not help me get down the road any quicker.

Now can you see the flash that is in my mind………..two dogs in the car, calling Karen to tell her the dogs are now also taken in because I argued with a police officer, now I am an extra day on the road and the twins are wondering where there dogs are…….

OK, so it was time to be nice and go on my way. If only it was that easy…. now since I am out of State he wants me to pay bail of $55 or he will have to take me and now I am mad all over again!! All I can tell you at this point was thank goodness for the dogs....they kept me out of jail !!

Needless to say I fumed about the incident for many hours……….

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