Friday, 21 November 2008

Great Entertainment!

While driving on the long trips I find that listening to audio books is the best way to make the time go quickly. I mean really some of the scenery gets a bit old and repetitive and just watching the miles can be a very boring endeavor.

Before I left NorthWapiti I was given the audio book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle which was a total of 21 hours of entertainment! Actually I made it to Pennsylvania before I finished the book so I thought that was pretty good. The good news is that Paxson and Wired also got to listen to it so now they are feeling quite smart and literate!!

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski is Oprah’s latest book club selection and it caught my eye because it is a book about dogs. It took me a couple hours of listening to get into the book but once I was hooked I didn’t want to stop listening.

Author Stephen King describes the book this way:
"I flat-out loved The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Dog-lovers in particular will be riveted by this story, because the canine world has never been explored with such imagination or emotional resonance. It's a novel about the human heart, and the mysteries that live there, understood but impossible to articulate. Yet in the person of Edgar Sawtelle, a mute boy who takes three of his dogs on a brave and dangerous odyssey, Wroblewski does articulate them, and splendidly. I closed the book with that regret readers feel only after experiencing the best stories: It's over, you think, and I won't read another one this good for a long, long time.

This is a wonderful book and I would recommend that anyone that enjoys a good book take the time to read or listen to this one.

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