Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Good Way to Cheer Up!!

Since I am without the dog truck I can't take the team into the vet in one shot like I normally do. So, Chris, myself and a few of the main string dogs that needed rabies vaccinations headed into Westlock early yesterday morning.
We actually made it all the way into the Clinic without seeing a single deer. Nice!!!

However, by the time we made it home it was 8 C and blowing like crazy. The warm temps were pretty much too much for the dogs and the ice had a sheen of water on it which made it even slipperier then it has been, so running was out for the day.

I worked on some laundry, answering a bunch of backlogged emails and other tasks that do need to be done, but I was kind of bummed about the weather. So I decided to cheer myself up the best way I know how - PUPPIES.

I went up to the 'Toons pen and kidnapped two of the critters to keep me company while I puttered in the house. Scrappy Astro and the VERY cute little Snert where the lucky ones.

Astro. Yes, those are scars on his face. He is a bit of a scrapper and his littermate and Olena have been getting pretty rough trying to keep him in line!

Snert - and friend!

Take that!

Not everyone enjoyed having the puppies in the house as much as I did though.....

So more pictures of the puppies in the house can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/northwapiti/December12008
The wind and warm temperatures continued through the evening. At about 5;30 the puppies headed back to their littermates and Chris and I started to feed. About 15 minutes into the feeding our power went out. Thankfully all the buckets were already full (when you utilize a pump to get your water you lose water when you use power) and we just had to bring out headlamps to finish feeding.
Feeding us was alittle trickier, but I managed barbecue chicken Caesar salad by candlelight. Mark got home in time for dinner and hooked up the generator so we could watch TV for the evening. We got power back sometime around 9:30.
Today it is a bit cooler, but still deadly slippery.
Please let it snow!

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