Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Retired - adj, meaning...

1. Withdrawn from one's occupation, business, or office; having finished one's active working life

This morning Kara felt it neccesary to remind me of the defination of this word. See yesterday it actually warmed up a touch and we decided to run a few dog teams.
Chris had taken Irving to the vet to get some stitches out (no fear, Irv is fine. I'll talk about that at a later date), so Gabi and Anna Husch came over to help me out.
For the first run, I took Anna as a passenger with an eight dog team and Gabi followed with four dogs. It was a really nice run despite the -25 temps and we had a blast.

For the second run I took out 8 more 'A' team dogs and Anna was to follow with 4 of the 'B' team. The plan was that Holly and Kara would run lead for her. Apparently I should have checked with Kara first.

My team, lead by the incredible gals Jinx and Tess, roared out of the yard. I let them burn off a touch of steam and then asked them to stop and wait for the second team, which they did really nicely (they were a dream 8 dog team). I could hear sharp words being spoken in the dog yard and we waited and waited. Eventually, Anna's team came loping out of the yard and down the trail.....Anna's three dog team. Apparently, Kara simply refused to go. Anna had words with her, put her back up front, and called 'HIKE' again. Kara turned and ran for the house. After a few more attempts, they simply unhooked her and she ran for the back door.

When we got home Kara was sleeping comfortably on her Cloud with not a touch of remorse for her behaviour. And you know what, I'm okay with that. If anyone has earned retirement, she has - and I'm glad she is enjoying it.
To further confirm her 'house husky' status, Kara spent the night curled up sleeping on our bed - something she doesn't normally do. Apparently the stress of almost being forced out of her retirement was tiring.

Sorry, my friend! I should have known better.

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Shmoo said...

She asked Meeshka to represent her in a claws action lawsuit against you.