Saturday, 6 December 2008

A House of Cards

My life is often much like a house of cards, with plans and schedules precariously balanced on others plans and schedules and all of it resting on fairly solid foundations but yet still prone to collapsing if key cards are pulled out. I'd like for things to be more sturdy, but often it just isn't possible.

The last ten days have been challenging for my little house of cards that was this seasons race plan - starting with the accident with the dog truck . For a while the house swayed and waved but looked like it would hold - then it all crashed.

Right now the cards are all swirling around in the air. Eventually they will come down and there will be some semblance of a plan, but I'm just not sure what exactly it will look like.

What I know for sure right now is that the Sheep Mountain Race is off for us. There is just no way I'm getting out of here next week.

The truck is not to blame - in fact, no one is to blame, it is just a series of things that happened that made our 'Plan A' unachievable.

Two teams in the Quest 300 is still the focus and goal for the kennel this season. There will be races prior, I'm just not sure which, where or when.

As we sort it all out, I will let the 'blog' know!

The good news this morning is that it is cold and snowing here. Thank goodness. I actually put dogs away without cleats last night. What a treat that was.
Training had gotten a bit behind with the weather, but I think we are back on track now.
The dogs are running very well, making alot of noise on breaks, devouring meals after runs, and just generally making me smile.
I'm working with some amazing young leaders that have me so excited. X, Watt, Bingo, Wifi, and Rocket are the ones that really deserve special mention. Of course, the 'old standby' leaders, Sprite, Q, Dasher (she is actually doing FABULOUS this season), Runner, Jr, Spider, and Jinx are all still doing a super job too.

I have cut some of the 2 year olds - Dew, Trigger, Shooter and Casey. They all are showing great promise, but because I was behind in training and thought I was leaving for Alaska right away, it made sense to cut them from the main string at the time.

The pups are all obnoxious and in great spirits. They are loving the snow and cold.

That is it for this morning!! Chris is battling a cold so I sent him back to his cabin to get some more sleep. I woke Mark to help with the morning feeding and I think he has finished his coffee and is now keen to get outside. Okay, maybe 'keen' isn't the word, but we should get moving!


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