Sunday, 21 December 2008


Those of you that zipped over to check out Lisa's 'Tales from the Dark Side" Blog may have noticed that she 'tagged' me in her December 16th entry.
The rules to the game are: You've gotta go to the photo archives on your computer, go into the 6th folder,count up to the 6th picture and post it on your blog along with the story that goes with it.

So here goes -
This photos is of Willow Lake and it was taken June 26, 2007 while I was on a summer visit to Alaska.
The photo is actually the boat landing and behind it is the area where dog trucks park on the ice for the restart of the Iditarod.
With temperatures hovering around -30 C today - and no Iditarod in sight for us this season, looking at the picture today seems almost alittle bittersweet!
Ah well....there are still lots of good memories there - and more to come, I'm sure!
BTW - Meeshka "TAG YOUR IT".

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Shmoo said...

*sigh* FINE! I'll play your silly little game.